[Ep. 29] Switching companies to increase salary w/ Jessie Van Arman (Head of Marketing @Meta)

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Jessie switched companies/roles every few years. This decision led to a more creative and fulfilling career, that also increased her net compensation by multifold. Women can have it all, but not all at once. Come join Jessie as she shares her experience on how career and life satisfaction can have distinct but complementary trajectories.

0:00 Intro: Wearing multiple hats
2:23 Keeping separate bank accounts as a couple
4:30 Different #investment approach as a couple
8:25 Figuring out life after college
9:36 Getting in to credit card #debt
12:45 Pros and cons of being a #freelancer
15:11 Freelancing vs going corporate  @Spotify @Yahoo  
18:01 Red flags for a job that's not a good fit
20:00 Jumping companies every ~2 years VS changing roles @Meta
22:40 How do you find new opportunities?
26:40 Career non-negotiables
28:30 During your interview, how do you assess your potential manager/team?
30:00 Prioritizing compensation vs taking risk in career path
33:40 Decoupling career vs life fulfillment. "You can't have it all at once"
35:30 Changing companies significantly impacting compensation

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