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Women in Tech

Our app empowers women in tech to create a clear and confident financial path forward. Join our community of like minded women on your financial independence journey.

signup1800 graduates, 78% of the graduates reported financial situation improved, $20MM total increase in wealth

Finally, a holistic look at my finances!

Gain confidence, learn to optimize your money, and avoid financial failure

Don’t leave money on the table

Understand your company benefits to create your retirement plan

Create a flywheel with your flexible budget

Setting financial goals is step 1. Making them actionable through a working budget completes the flywheel

Safe accountability space

Join other women in tech with similar financial goals to motivate and achieve your own goals

It made me feel better about my own personal finances as I realize I am not the only one struggling


Learning Delivery Partner

I strongly believe, financial empowerment is the strongest form of female empowerment.

Minki Jung

WINii Founder

WINii changed my life. I went into it nervous and definitely not thinking I would pay off my credit card by the end... but here I am debt free!


iOS Developer