We want women to


I strongly believe, financial empowerment is the strongest form of female empowerment.

The initial pilot of WINii was co-ed, but in the middle of it, I pivoted to focus on women. Even though the women were performing equally well as the men, they kept making self-negating excuses - "I've never been good with money," "I've never been good with math," "It feels too late," etc.

As a women’s college graduate, I wanted to change this internal dialogue told by parts of society and to ourselves. In reality, women can be great investors.

I built WINii to demystify generational wealth creation for women.

WINii is working to build a community so that we all win.

ー Minki Jung, WINii Founder

WINii is more than an app

“WINii changed my life. I went into it nervous and definitely not thinking I would pay off my credit card by the end... but here I am debt free!”

- Kara, iOS Developer

A global team

making sense of dollar$.

Tricia Wu

Head of Curriculum Development & Delivery

Monse Moreno

Head of Business Development & Marketing

Tiffany Lin

Head of Growth

Nellie Horn

Head of Communications & Creative

We’re a group of

financial enthusiasts, product designers, and creatives

who has banded together to do more.

We live all over the world, from New York and Chicago to Italy, Japan, and Germany.

And we’re using our diverse life experiences to reflect and serve the WINii community so we can all get our financial $hit together.

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