[Ep. 28] Make sure to take a salary as a startup founder w/ Marie Roker-Jones

gender representation
money psychology

Being the wife of a #veteran inspired Marie to start a #startup empowering veterans and spouses with jobs in tech. After she folded her first company, Marie told herself "never again will I be a founder." But now, Marie is on her 3rd startup with #web3 community building. Come hear the lessons and laughs Marie shared of her entrepreneurship journey!

0:00 Second cousin to #lennykravitz
4:01 Emotional spending
5:45 How is your money relationship with your spouse?
7:52 First startup to get #veteran spouses into tech
9:00 How did you start your first #startup ?
11:27 Why did your first startup fail?
12:10 Second startup: Lessons learned
15:05 Taking the financial #risk to start your own company
18:00 Asking for what you're #worth during #fundraising  
20:00 How to take a salary as a startup founder
23:00 What did you learn as a startup founder?2
7:10 Falling in love with #web3 #communitybuilding
29:53 Resources to learn #web3 @ekolance4731 @mishadavinci493 Misha da Vinci

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