[Ep. 23] More women should work in AI w/ Lori Rodriguez (President/Bestselling Author)

gender diversity
gender representation
artificial intelligence

I've been wanting to go deeper into applied generative ai but have been feeling inadequate. Thanks Lori for the push - after the chat, I'm proactively scoping opportunities to work with #LLM at, and at WINii assessing how we can incorporate #genai to provide more value to our community of women in tech building wealth. Excited for what's to come! This was a super fun interview.

❗ Lack of gender representation in product design/decision making leads to deaths.
🥒 Have an unorthodox experience, "not being pickled," was the secrete sauce to Lori's success in the tech industry.

0:00 What got you started in #tech ?
4:58 Is #ai #artificialintelligence the next big thing?
7:17 What is the right place/right time for #ai , #web3 ?
12:20 Curiosity and vulnerabiltiy opened new opportunities
17:53 Figure-out-ability: building confidence as women in tech
21:00 Partnership alignment is key to women's #success
26:55 Paternal leave need to become normative
31:00 Dropping out of college - diversity in thought/experience made me successful
39:37 Lack of representation in product development leads to higher deaths
44:00 Companies w/ gender #diversity & #leadership had
50% higher profits
50:00 Why are companies not acting on this #data ?

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