[Ep. 22] Switching from a software engineer to product manager w/ Heidi Kim

software engineer
product manager
big tech

As Heidi went through two internships in big tech, her curiosity and motivation (her why) in her role changed leading to a pivot from a software engineer to a product manager. Hear her story!

0:00 Major in college
1:28 Different mental framework as a #softwareengineer vs #productmanager
2:47 #internship in #bigtech
8:10 Things you should do during your internship
11:00 Getting a return offer
13:10 How to make your #application stand out
14:17 Resources to prep
16:20 Choosing the #pm route
23:50 Negotiating total #compensation as a FTE after internship
28:40 How do you become a PM? Different backgrounds

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