Let's get our financial sh#t together!

WINii's Solutions to Your Top Concerns

Q1. I'm anxious. Will I have enough at the end of the month? 

A1. Let's create a custom budget that fits your lifestyle. Don't worry, you won't have to become anal retentive.


Q2. I'm overwhelmed. I have credit card debt but I don't know where to start.

A2. We hear ya. There are a lot of financial info out there that can get confusing. That's why we built WINiibot that will support you as your financial GPS with actionable steps you can take to start making a difference. Feels good knowing you're on the right path. 


Q3. I feel guilty. Why did I let myself get into this situation?

A3: This is actually one of the main reasons why we built WINii. There is so much shame associated with debt and not knowing how to manage your money. But we don't learn financial literacy in school and most of us don't talk about it with friends/family. We're just expected to magically: 1) "poof!" you're now an adult 2) "poof!" you now should be a money managing expert. Why??? Let's dispel the mystery. We'll be using behavioral science to gently nudge you and private/safe/supportive communities where you can vent anonymously about your financial struggles and success. Let's WIN together!


We use bank-level security and we don't store your banking credentials.